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2010-02-01 The results of 2009 year

The proof reading of Jonas Basanavičius Folklore Library (vol. 8, 9, 11, 12, 13) was accomplished.
• 2600 folklore texts were transferred into the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Information System Aruodai, checked over and approved (vols. 8, 9, 11 ,12(1/2), 13).
• Texts from vols. 1–4 of Jonas Basanavičius Folklore Library “Various Lithuanian Tales“ were converted from visual format into textual one by using textual recognition program.
• The digitalized notes (128 items) were transferred into IS Aruodai and linked with individual folklore pieces. The Geographical bank supplemented with data related to 37 localities of Lithuania Minor.
• The complex search of folklore texts was created and launched in IS Aruodai. The complex search, typological search and search of signatures and books were created and launched in Knygadvaris.
• A subdivision for virtual library of Knygadvaris was created and integrated into the Google Maps system, which allows for searching the localities in the interactive map and finding additional information.
• A map from Google Maps system for depicting localities of Lithuania Minor was adapted to suit the needs of Knygadvaris, and made ready to insert links with folklore pieces recorded in these localities.
• Vols. 5-10 of Jonas Basanavičius Folklore Library were digitalized, their pages edited and integrated into the website 
• The Personalities Database was supplemented with biographical data of 331 personalities. 
• The Vocabulary of Keywords was supplemented with 3500 of textual entries.



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